Sometimes, insulation is needed between walls or in small areas where batt and roll-style insulation does not work well. When you need insulation in these hard-to-reach places, spray foam insulation may be the right fit. Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding offers spray foam insulation services in the Anderson, South Carolina, region. We can help you enjoy all of the benefits of spray foam insulation. As Certified Energy Experts, we offer satisfaction guarantees and superior insulation services to ensure your home is well-insulated and protected.

Are you in the market for new spray foam insulation? Trust the experts at Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding for help!

What is spray foam insulation?

When you choose spray foam insulation for your South Carolina home, your installer will use a special spray gun that combines two chemicals, polyurethane and iscocyanate, at the point of installation. When these chemicals touch, they create a chemical reaction that causes them to expand into a foam, which quickly hardens within the crevices of your home. This creates a protective layer that insulates your property and can easily fit within the hard-to-reach places in basements, between walls and in attics.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Why should you consider spray foam insulation for your South Carolina or Georgia home or construction project? This type of insulation carries several benefits, including:

Creates an air-tight seal.
Provides powerful insulating properties ranked at R-6.
Generates exceptional energy savings averaging 50% or more.
Adds a moisture barrier to reduce risk of mold and mildew.
Has a long life span.
Offers an eco-friendly insulation option.

Spray Foam Insulation omits the need for duct testing.

If you are interested in these benefits, reach out to the team at Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding to learn more about spray foam insulation, and let our team help you decide if this is the right insulation product for your home or business.

Why choose Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding?

Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding has a well-stocked warehouse with all of the spray foam insulating products you need. We also help with installation services and offer free, on-site estimates to help you decide if this insulation is right for your needs.

Our sales team and professional installers are courteous and focused on your needs. We want to help you find the right insulation products, so you can enjoy energy savings with insulation that fits within your budget. As a locally owned and operated company, we take tremendous pride in offering exceptional customer service to each and every customer.

Give us a call to schedule your on-site estimate. With Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding, you can enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation and the quality that comes from working with professional installers.