How energy efficient is your home? If you’re like most homeowners, you simply don’t know. Even the most conscientious homeowners often struggle to keep their homes as energy-efficient as possible because they lack the tools to properly test their properties. Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding can help. We offer energy auditing services in the greater Anderson, South Carolina, area to help ensure your home or business is as efficient as possible. Identify potential areas of energy loss and develop a plan to address them with an energy audit.

Your building’s envelope – the key to energy efficiency

While having an energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and efficient windows are all helpful, your building’s envelope is one of the most important components of your home’s efficiency. The envelope, or the seal around a building, is what keeps the heated and cooled air in and the outside air out. Problems with the envelope will hurt your building’s efficiency and your overall comfort.

Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding has a team of certified RESNET Home Energy Rating System raters who have been thoroughly trained to test your building’s envelope to determine where problems lie. Our team understands how your building works and how the systems come together to determine your home’s efficiency. With our help, you can identify problems and take measures to prevent them, so your home can function as efficiently as possible.

How energy audits work

When you contact Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding for an energy audit, we will come to your property and perform a series of tests to determine how efficient it is. Through duct testing and blower door testing, we can spot efficiency problems and areas of energy loss, then provide a report that lets you make informed decisions about your property. Our trained and certified raters use the RESNET Home Energy Rating System, which is easy to understand and use.

New construction building envelope plan analysis

In addition to energy auditing on existing properties, Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding performs building envelope plan analysis services for new constructions. If you are building a new home or commercial property, our energy auditors can help you analyze the building’s envelope to ensure it is as efficient as possible. With this service, our team helps you identify energy loss problems before you finish the construction, so you can deliver a more efficient building to your clients.

Improve the efficiency of your building project today with a new construction building envelope plan analysis from Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding. Contact our Anderson, South Carolina, team today to schedule your audit and analysis.