How often do you think about the ductwork in your home or commercial property? If you have a forced-air distribution system, that ductwork is critical to delivering the heated and cooled air throughout the building. When ducts have cracks or leaks, some of the heated or cooled air is lost, and you lose efficiency in your home as a result. Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding offers duct testing in the greater Anderson, South Carolina, area for both commercial and residential properties. This test can help you identify areas of concern, so you reduce duct leaks and improve the efficiency of your system.

If you need air duct testing in Upstate South Carolina or Northeastern Georgia, schedule it with Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding.


Signs you need duct testing

Problems in ducts are easy to overlook, because your ducts are hidden throughout your home. Even obvious duct damage often goes unnoticed by homeowners, simply because they do not inspect their ductwork regularly. So how can you know that you need duct testing? These are some signs to watch for:

Unexpected, unexplained increases in energy bills.
Hissing noises from the ductwork.
Reduced comfort throughout your home.

If you’re noticing these problems and cannot find an obvious solution, or if you simply want to ensure that your ductwork is properly sealed and efficient, our professional technicians are ready to assist. Schedule your duct testing with Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding today.

What duct testing tells you about your home or building

Why should you choose to have your ductwork tested? The information received from this test will tell you if your home is experiencing energy loss from duct leaks. With this information, you can take measures to improve the overall efficiency of your home by sealing your ducts to avoid leaks. At Wood Insulating and Vinyl Siding, our trained testing professionals can not only perform duct testing, but also help you understand the results, so you can take any necessary measures to improve the efficiency of your home. Our trained, certified testers have the right equipment and system knowledge to help you with this process.